HID Lampholders and Sockets

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Browse through a selection of HID lampholders and sockets on GoodMarts online store. Choose from mogul base, medium base and G12 base. Available in a pulse rated version. Ideal for display lighting, gallery and showcase applications. Discounts available for quantity purchases. GoodMart carries HID lampholders and sockets from Etlin Daniels Electrical Devices, Leviton, Maxlite, Miller OEM Corporation and Venture Lighting.

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Pulse Rated 4KV Medium Base Porcelain Socket with LeadsPulse Rated 4KV Medium Base Porcelain Socket with LeadsL70045-36FLeviton$3.991
G12 Base Metal Halide LampholderG12 Base Metal Halide LampholderHLDH01-12SEW2Etlin Daniels Electical Devices$5.4950
High Bay Mogul SocketHigh Bay Mogul SocketSKFHBSOCKMaxlite Corporation$17.001
8746 Mogul Porcelain HID Pulse Rated Lampholder8746 Mogul Porcelain HID Pulse Rated Lampholder8746Leviton$53.331
Bayonet Base Keyless Porcelain HID Lampholder 600W 1000V Low Pressure SodiumBayonet Base Keyless Porcelain HID Lampholder 600W 1000V Low Pressure SodiumL8806Leviton$274.921
Keyless Porcelain Mogul Socket w/Metal 1/4 Ip Cap, 2 WirewaysKeyless Porcelain Mogul Socket w/Metal 1/4 Ip Cap, 2 Wireways80-1378Satco Lighting$7.501
SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-850-G3SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-850-G3931-00144Lunera Lighting Co.$209.501
SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-840-G3SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-840-G3931-00143Lunera Lighting Co.$209.501
SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-835-G3SN-VS-PIN-L-9KLM-835-G3931-00142Lunera Lighting Co.$209.501
SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-840-G3SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-840-G3931-00095Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-835-G3SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-835-G3931-00094Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-850-G3SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-850-G3931-00099Lunera Lighting Co.$257.171
SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-840-G3SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-840-G3931-00098Lunera Lighting Co.$257.171
SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-835-G3SN-V-PIN-L-15KLM-835-G3931-00097Lunera Lighting Co.$257.171
SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-850-G3SN-V-PIN-L-20KLM-850-G3931-00096Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-850-G3SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-850-G3931-00206Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-840-G3SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-840-G3931-00205Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-835-G3SN-V-E39-L-20KLM-835-G3931-00204Lunera Lighting Co.$295.171
SN-V-E39-L-15KLM-850-G3SN-V-E39-L-15KLM-850-G3931-00209Lunera Lighting Co.$257.171
SN-V-E39-L-15KLM-840-G3SN-V-E39-L-15KLM-840-G3931-00208Lunera Lighting Co.$257.171
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