Induction Lamps and Ballasts

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Induction lamps and ballasts for long life and hard to reach applications where white light is desired. The induction lamp system gives efficient light that turns on and restarts instantly. Perfect for use in limited access, indoor/outdoor high traffic areas in either hot or cold environments. We carry the Philips QL system and systems by Fulham.

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QL Aluminium Base 85W 3000KQL Aluminium Base 85W 3000KQL85W/830/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
85W 208-277V Dimming Induction Generator85W 208-277V Dimming Induction GeneratorGE08523001QL Company$189.001
QL Induction Generator 85W 115V DimmingQL Induction Generator 85W 115V DimmingQL-HF85W/115V/DIMQL Company$161.541
QL Aluminium Base 55W 2700KQL Aluminium Base 55W 2700KQL55W/827/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 55W 3000KQL Aluminium Base 55W 3000KQL55W/830/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 55W 4000KQL Aluminium Base 55W 4000KQL55W/840/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 55W 5000KQL Aluminium Base 55W 5000KQL55W/850/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 85W 2700KQL Aluminium Base 85W 2700KQL85W/827/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 85W 4000KQL Aluminium Base 85W 4000KQL85W/840/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 85W 5000KQL Aluminium Base 85W 5000KQL85W/850/ALUM/BASEQL Company$130.771
QL Aluminium Base 65W 3000KQL Aluminium Base 65W 3000KQL165W/830/ALUM/BASEQL Company$184.621
QL Aluminium Base 65W 4000KQL Aluminium Base 65W 4000KQL165W/840/ALUM/BASEQL Company$184.621
QL Aluminium Base 65W 5000KQL Aluminium Base 65W 5000KQL165W/850/ALUM/BASEQL Company$184.621
QL Induction Generator 55W 115V DimmingQL Induction Generator 55W 115V DimmingQL-HF55W/115V/DIMQL Company$161.541
QL Induction Generator 55W 230V DimmingQL Induction Generator 55W 230V DimmingQL-HF55W/230V/DIMQL Company$161.541
QL Induction Generator 85W 230V DimmingQL Induction Generator 85W 230V DimmingQL-HF85W/230V/DIMQL Company$161.541
QL Induction Generator 165W 115V DimmingQL Induction Generator 165W 115V DimmingQL-HF165W/115V/DIMQL Company$230.771
QL Induction Generator 165W 277V DimmingQL Induction Generator 165W 277V DimmingQL-HF165W/277V/DIMQL Company$230.771

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