Wall Lanterns

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20 in. Galvanized Large Cast Guard and Glass Warehouse Shade Fixture20 in. Galvanized Large Cast Guard and Glass Warehouse Shade FixtureH-15120-96/P-1-96/LCGU-CLR-96Hi-Lite Manufacturing Co.$249.001
27th Street Noble Bronze 13W Fluorescent Wall Lantern27th Street Noble Bronze 13W Fluorescent Wall LanternF8412-39E1Forecast Lighting$149.001
27th Street Noble Bronze 26W Fluorescent Wall Lantern27th Street Noble Bronze 26W Fluorescent Wall LanternF8410-39E1Forecast Lighting$169.001
43436AUB Wall Sconce 1Lt43436AUB Wall Sconce 1Lt43436AUBKichler Lighting Co.$286.001
49067OZLED Led Outdoor Wall49067OZLED Led Outdoor Wall49067OZLEDKichler Lighting Co.$341.001
49081AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081AZKichler Lighting Co.$85.801
49081BK Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081BK Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081BKKichler Lighting Co.$85.801
49081PL Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081PL Outdoor Wall 1Lt49081PLKichler Lighting Co.$85.801
49082AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082AZKichler Lighting Co.$107.801
49082BK Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082BK Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082BKKichler Lighting Co.$107.801
49082PL Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082PL Outdoor Wall 1Lt49082PLKichler Lighting Co.$107.801
49118AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt Halogen49118AZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt Halogen49118AZKichler Lighting Co.$195.801
49118AZLED Led Outdoor Wall49118AZLED Led Outdoor Wall49118AZLEDKichler Lighting Co.$253.001
49154ACO Outdoor Wall 2Lt49154ACO Outdoor Wall 2Lt49154ACOKichler Lighting Co.$322.301
49155ACO Outdoor Wall 2Lt49155ACO Outdoor Wall 2Lt49155ACOKichler Lighting Co.$418.001
49384OZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49384OZ Outdoor Wall 1Lt49384OZKichler Lighting Co.$129.801
49385OZ Outdoor Wall 2Lt49385OZ Outdoor Wall 2Lt49385OZKichler Lighting Co.$217.801
49386OZ Outdoor Wall 3Lt49386OZ Outdoor Wall 3Lt49386OZKichler Lighting Co.$305.801
49434AZ Led Outdoor Wall49434AZ Led Outdoor Wall49434AZKichler Lighting Co.$437.801
49434PL Led Outdoor Wall49434PL Led Outdoor Wall49434PLKichler Lighting Co.$437.801
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