Crimp-On Wire Connectors

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2014 Splice Cap Insulator for 2011S2014 Splice Cap Insulator for 2011S2014Ideal Industries, Inc.$65.065
2007 Splice Cap Insulator2007 Splice Cap Insulator2007Ideal Industries, Inc.$29.8010
Wrap-Cap Insulator for Model 408/410Wrap-Cap Insulator for Model 408/41030-445Ideal Industries, Inc.$281.490.5
30-515 Wrap-Cap No.415 Insulator30-515 Wrap-Cap No.415 Insulator30-515Ideal Industries, Inc.$197.671
Wrap-Cap No. 447 InsulatorWrap-Cap No. 447 Insulator30-447Ideal Industries, Inc.$571.831
30-517 Wrap-Cap No. 417 Insulator30-517 Wrap-Cap No. 417 Insulator30-517Ideal Industries, Inc.$407.451
2014B Splice Cap Insulator2014B Splice Cap Insulator2014BIdeal Industries, Inc.$455.035
2007B Splice Cap Insulator for 2006S and 2008S2007B Splice Cap Insulator for 2006S and 2008S2007BIdeal Industries, Inc.$216.3910
30-648 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector Large30-648 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector Large30-648Ideal Industries, Inc.$440.735
30-146 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector NC-221230-146 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector NC-221230-146Ideal Industries, Inc.$191.001
30-148 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector NC-830-148 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector NC-830-148Ideal Industries, Inc.$426.421
30-646 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector Small30-646 Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector Small30-646Ideal Industries, Inc.$147.2010
2006S Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2006S Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2006SIdeal Industries, Inc.$14.2610
2006SB Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2006SB Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2006SBIdeal Industries, Inc.$107.1610
2011S Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2011S Splice Cap Crimp Terminal2011SIdeal Industries, Inc.$36.355
CAPSCAPS2011SBIdeal Industries, Inc.$275.885
Pro Series Wire ConnectorPro Series Wire Connector15529BLKichler Lighting Co.$3.30100
Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector, 48, Small, Carton of 1,000Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector, 48, Small, Carton of 1,00030-245Ideal Industries, Inc.$181.231
Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector, 49, Medium, Carton of 1,000Pre-Insulated Crimp Connector, 49, Medium, Carton of 1,00030-249Ideal Industries, Inc.$193.671

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