Fluorescent Battery Packs

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Shop at GoodMarts online store for fluorescent battery packs from Atlite, Bodine, Encore, Iota and TCP. Allows the same fixtures to be used for both normal and emergency operation in the event of a power failure, which eliminates the need for conventional emergency lighting units. Ideal for all types of ballasts including standard, rapid start, slimline, instant start, energy saving, dimming and electronic types. If used in an emergency-only fixture, no AC ballast is necessary. Emergency lighting when you need it!

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2-4 ft. T5 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast2-4 ft. T5 Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-54Iota Engineering$178.331
ISL-28 Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-28 Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-28Iota Engineering$109.001
I-32 T8/T12 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VI-32 T8/T12 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VI-32Iota Engineering$64.501
EP1350 EP T8/T12 Biax 2-8 ft. Fluorescent Emergency Battery Back-UpEP1350 EP T8/T12 Biax 2-8 ft. Fluorescent Emergency Battery Back-UpEP1350Encore Lighting$112.001
PS1400 Wet Location Fluorescent Battery PackPS1400 Wet Location Fluorescent Battery PackPS1400DWLithonia Lighting$159.001
CF94 Open Circuit Fluorescent Emergency BallastCF94 Open Circuit Fluorescent Emergency BallastCF94-STD-replacement onlyBodine Emergency Lighting$135.001
T5 Fluorescent Emergency BallastT5 Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-540Iota Engineering$189.001
ISL-28-DL Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-28-DL Fluorescent Emergency BallastISL-28-DLIota Engineering$114.001
I-42 10-42W 4-Pin RS Compact Fluorescent Emergency Ballast J-boxI-42 10-42W 4-Pin RS Compact Fluorescent Emergency Ballast J-boxI-42-EM-JIota Engineering$149.001
Fire Horse FH3 High Performance Fluorescent Emergency Lighting BallastFire Horse FH3 High Performance Fluorescent Emergency Lighting BallastFH3-DUAL-450LFulham Co.$73.871
B94CGU 4-Pin Compact Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB94CGU 4-Pin Compact Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB94CGUBodine Emergency Lighting$129.001
LP600 High-Output T5/T8 Fluorescent Emergency BallastLP600 High-Output T5/T8 Fluorescent Emergency BallastLP600Bodine Emergency Lighting$159.001
10-42W 4-Pin CFL Emergency Battery Pack10-42W 4-Pin CFL Emergency Battery PackP8643-01Progress Lighting$301.171
RTS Remote Test SwitchRTS Remote Test SwitchRTSEncore Lighting$28.001
RBH Remote Battery HousingRBH Remote Battery HousingRBHEncore Lighting$38.001
CF94GU-Battery Style 1-Replacement OnlyCF94GU-Battery Style 1-Replacement OnlyCF94GU-Battery Style1-Replacement OnlyBodine Emergency Lighting$146.671
BAL650C4 CFL Battery PackBAL650C4 CFL Battery PackBAL650C4Topaz Lighting$81.501
B100 350-450 Lumens Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB100 350-450 Lumens Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB100Bodine Emergency Lighting$104.001
B70A Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB70A Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB70ABodine Emergency Lighting$127.001
B30 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB30 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast 120/277VB30Bodine Emergency Lighting$339.001
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