Halogen Tube Shape Lamps

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GoodMart carries a large selection of Halogen Tube Shape Lamps from Eiko, Higuchi, Sylvania, Philips, Halco and Bulbrite. These lamps come in a variety of types including T3, T4 and J-Type. They are available in a wide range of wattages, lengths, 12V, 120V and 130V. Select from different base types including R7S, Double End RSC and single contact base.

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J 130V/500W 118MM rough serviceJ 130V/500W 118MM rough serviceJ 2027RSHiguchi, Inc., USA$1.3225
J 240V/300W 118MMJ 240V/300W 118MMJ 3123Higuchi, Inc., USA$2.4225
J 130V/150W 78MMJ 130V/150W 78MMJ 1013Higuchi, Inc., USA$2.501
J 240V/1500W 254MMJ 240V/1500W 254MMJ 4119Higuchi, Inc., USA$6.7425
Q75T3C/S 130V 75W T3 CL R7s PRISM 78MMQ75T3C/S 130V 75W T3 CL R7s PRISM 78MM107210Halco Lighting$2.3910
J 120V/1500W 254MM LampJ 120V/1500W 254MM LampJ 2231Higuchi, Inc., USA$10.791
J 130V/300W 118MM BulbJ 130V/300W 118MM BulbJ 2023Higuchi, Inc., USA$10.891
EHZ Frosted 4.71 in. 300W 3000K Halogen R7S-12 Base Projector Lamp, 120VEHZ Frosted 4.71 in. 300W 3000K Halogen R7S-12 Base Projector Lamp, 120V1000296Ushio$3.7910
BC150T3Q/CL LONG 12/1BC150T3Q/CL LONG 12/1415752Philips$6.4512
Q1500T3/CL/277VQ1500T3/CL/277V15194Eiko Ltd.$2.991
J 120V/100W 118MMJ 120V/100W 118MMJ 2051Higuchi, Inc., USA$1.911
J 130V/150W 118MMJ 130V/150W 118MMJ 2011Higuchi, Inc., USA$1.671
J 130V/200W 118MMJ 130V/200W 118MMJ 2015Higuchi, Inc., USA$1.0925
J 130V/300W 118MM Rough Service Halogen LampJ 130V/300W 118MM Rough Service Halogen LampJ 2023RSHiguchi, Inc., USA$1.3225

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