LED Bi-Pin Base Bulbs

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If you are looking for a bulb that has low power consumption and high brightness, the LED Bi-Pin base bulbs are a great option. Many of these lamps are G4 bi-pin base and can be used with decorative pendants, wall sconces and other fixture types that utilize a G4 base. This LED lamp will last 10 times longer than the halogen lamp it is replacing. Shop at GoodMart for the most affordable LED bi-pin lamps.

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4.5BA11/LEDFilament/820/CL-A/DIM 120V4.5BA11/LEDFilament/820/CL-A/DIM 120V466524Philips$8.331
2.7B12/LED/827-22/E12/DIM 120V2.7B12/LED/827-22/E12/DIM 120V457234Philips$8.331
LCTC/7/827/DLCTC/7/827/D79346Topaz Lighting$10.051
9BR40/LED/827-22/DIM 120V 6/19BR40/LED/827-22/DIM 120V 6/1457010Philips$10.001
16.5PL-LED/24-3500 IF 10/116.5PL-LED/24-3500 IF 10/1456640Philips$22.921
8.5PL-C/T LED/26H-3500 IF 4P 10/18.5PL-C/T LED/26H-3500 IF 4P 10/1458380Philips$22.501
10.5PL-C/T LED/26V-3500 IF 4P 10/110.5PL-C/T LED/26V-3500 IF 4P 10/1458422Philips$22.501
8.5PL-C/T LED/26H-3000 IF 4P 10/18.5PL-C/T LED/26H-3000 IF 4P 10/1458372Philips$22.501
7.5 Watt 2700K Bi-Pin Base G4 Super Lumen LED Lamp7.5 Watt 2700K Bi-Pin Base G4 Super Lumen LED Lamp41038Kodak LED Lighting Corp$15.331
3 Watt 12V 2700K Bi-Pin Base Dimmable G9 LED Lamp3 Watt 12V 2700K Bi-Pin Base Dimmable G9 LED Lamp41138Kodak LED Lighting Corp$9.581
3 Watt 2700K Bi-Pin Base G4 LED Lamp3 Watt 2700K Bi-Pin Base G4 LED Lamp41032Kodak LED Lighting Corp$9.331
4.5B12/LED/827-22/E26/DIM 120V4.5B12/LED/827-22/E26/DIM 120V457192Philips$9.171
10.5PL-C/T LED/26V-3000 IF 4P 10/110.5PL-C/T LED/26V-3000 IF 4P 10/1458414Philips$22.501
7B12/LED/827-22/E26/DIM 120V7B12/LED/827-22/E26/DIM 120V458661Philips$6.581
JC10/1WW/LEDJC10/1WW/LED80693Halco Lighting$16.041
JC20/2WW/LEDJC20/2WW/LED80690Halco Lighting$17.951
10-30V DC G4 Unidirectional 6 LED Lamp Module10-30V DC G4 Unidirectional 6 LED Lamp ModuleAR-G4LED-UN-WWAurora Lighting Co.$21.351
.6 Watt 4100K 12V JC LED G4 Lamp.6 Watt 4100K 12V JC LED G4 Lamp770511Bulbrite Corporation$7.001
.6W 2700K 12V JC LED G4 Lamp.6W 2700K 12V JC LED G4 Lamp770510Bulbrite Corporation$6.581
1.5W 2700K 12V LED G4 Lamp1.5W 2700K 12V LED G4 LampG4LD-1.5W2700KENET Light Technology Co.$7.991
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