LED PAR20 Lamps

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GoodMart carries a great selection of LED PAR20 lamps from Halco, Light Efficient Design, Lighting Science Corp., Litetronics, Philips, TCP and Sylvania. Ideal for flood and spot light applications, including track lights, recessed downlights, display lights, residential, hospitality, healthcare, retail applications and outdoor fixtures that protect from the elements. Most lamps are dimmable and offer smooth, uniform dimming with excellent color consistency and high color rendering. We also carry colored PAR20 lamps ideal for amusement parks, casinos, hospitality, signage, signal fixtures, shop windows. Choose from a variety of watts, color temperatures and lamp bases.

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Elite 8 Watt 2700K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeElite 8 Watt 2700K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeLED8P20D27KFLTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$11.311
Elite 8 Watt 3000K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeElite 8 Watt 3000K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeLED8P20D30KFLTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$11.311
Elite 10W 2700K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeElite 10W 2700K Dimmable PAR20 LED Lamp 40 DegreeLED10P20D27KFLTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$14.141
6PAR20/LED/840/F35/DIM SO 120V6PAR20/LED/840/F35/DIM SO 120V463695Philips$15.001
6PAR20/LED/827/F25/DIM SO-B 120V6PAR20/LED/827/F25/DIM SO-B 120V463703Philips$15.001
6PAR20/LED/830/F25/DIM SO-B 120V6PAR20/LED/830/F25/DIM SO-B 120V463711Philips$15.001
6PAR20/LED/827/S15/DIM SO 120V6PAR20/LED/827/S15/DIM SO 120V463729Philips$15.001
PAR20FL7/827/ECO/LEDPAR20FL7/827/ECO/LED80963Halco Lighting$9.176
PAR20FL7/830/ECO/LEDPAR20FL7/830/ECO/LED80964Halco Lighting$9.176
PAR20FL7/927/W/LEDPAR20FL7/927/W/LED82006Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20FL7/930/W/LEDPAR20FL7/930/W/LED82008Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20FL7/940/W/LEDPAR20FL7/940/W/LED82010Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20FL7/950/W/LEDPAR20FL7/950/W/LED82060Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20NFL7/927/W/LEDPAR20NFL7/927/W/LED82000Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20NFL7/930/W/LEDPAR20NFL7/930/W/LED82001Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20NFL7/940/W/LEDPAR20NFL7/940/W/LED82004Halco Lighting$13.826
PAR20NFL7/950/W/LEDPAR20NFL7/950/W/LED82005Halco Lighting$13.826
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