LED PAR38 Lamps

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LED PAR38 lamps offer exceptional beam performance for precision accent lighting applications, while reducing energy and maintenance costs. Ideal for general and accent lighting in retail, hospitality, office and residential spaces, museums and architectural accent lighting. Dimmable PAR38 lamps are available and offer smooth dimming, perfect for track and recessed lighting. Choose from a variety of watts, color temperatures and lamp bases. We carry PAR38 lamps from Cree, Light Efficient Design, Lighting Science Corp, Philips, Satco, Sylvania and TCP.

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Elite 17W 3000K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 40 DegreeElite 17W 3000K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 40 DegreeLED17P38D30KFLTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$16.921
16 Watt 2700K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 40 Degree16 Watt 2700K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 40 DegreeLRP38/40/27KSolais$49.951
LR38 Silver 28 Watt 2400 Lumen 3000K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 25 DegreeLR38 Silver 28 Watt 2400 Lumen 3000K Dimmable PAR38 LED Lamp, 25 DegreeLR38/25/30K/2400/SLSolais$85.001
13PAR38/F25 4000 DIM AF RO 6/113PAR38/F25 4000 DIM AF RO 6/1430082Philips$36.001
13PAR38/S15 3000 DIM AF RO 6/113PAR38/S15 3000 DIM AF RO 6/1430041Philips$36.001
16PAR38/END/FL25 4200 120V 6/116PAR38/END/FL25 4200 120V 6/1406793Philips$53.001
16PAR38/END/F22 3000 DIM 6/116PAR38/END/F22 3000 DIM 6/1408161Philips$46.151
13PAR38/END/F10 3000 120V 6/113PAR38/END/F10 3000 120V 6/1  Clearance407932Philips$49.251
16PAR38/END/F22 2700 DIM 6/116PAR38/END/F22 2700 DIM 6/1408153Philips$46.151
17PAR38/END/S10 3000 DIM 6/117PAR38/END/S10 3000 DIM 6/1414433Philips$51.001
18PAR38/END/S15 3000-1200 DIM 6/118PAR38/END/S15 3000-1200 DIM 6/1418525Philips$60.431
Pro 17W 4100K Dimmable PAR38 LED Narrow Flood LampPro 17W 4100K Dimmable PAR38 LED Narrow Flood LampLED17E26P3841KNFLTechnical Consumer Products, Inc., TCP$57.001
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