PAR30 Halogen Lamps

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If you are looking for a lamp that is long lasting and high quality, then look no further! The PAR30 lamp is designed to produce bright white light for high performance. PAR30 halogen lamps are perfect for recessed, track and downlight fixtures. Used for both indoor and outdoor display and accent applications including landscape lighting. GoodMart has the largest selection of PAR30 Halogen bulbs for all your lighting needs.

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HP30FL60L/S/HXHP30FL60L/S/HX70342Halco Lighting$3.501
53PAR30L/EVP/WFL40 120V 15/153PAR30L/EVP/WFL40 120V 15/1428952Philips$11.0015
HP30FL60/S/HXHP30FL60/S/HX70345Halco Lighting$3.331
BR30FL65/130BR30FL65/130104070Halco Lighting$1.231
39PAR30S/IRC+/FL25 120V 15/139PAR30S/IRC+/FL25 120V 15/1238543Philips$16.881
55PAR30S/IRC+/SP10 120V 15/155PAR30S/IRC+/SP10 120V 15/1238550Philips$16.881
50PAR30L/IRC/WFL40 120V 15/150PAR30L/IRC/WFL40 120V 15/1238006Philips$16.881
39PAR30L/EVP/FL25 120V 15/139PAR30L/EVP/FL25 120V 15/1428870Philips$8.5115
HP30SP60L/S/HXHP30SP60L/S/HX70348Halco Lighting$3.501
39PAR30/HAL/XEN/FL/FR/120V39PAR30/HAL/XEN/FL/FR/120VS4131Satco Lighting$7.581
HP30FL39/HXHP30FL39/HX70347Halco Lighting$3.581
HP30FL39L/HXHP30FL39L/HX70344Halco Lighting$3.751
HP30FL39L/HX/130HP30FL39L/HX/13070356Halco Lighting$3.751

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