Touch Incandescent Dimmers

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Touch Incandescent dimmers offer high performance light control. Browse GoodMarts online store for dimmers from Cooper Controls, Leviton, Lightolier and Lutron. We offer a wide variety dimmers in various colors. With the Lutron Maestro line, you can use up to nine companion dimmers with only one Maestro multi location dimmer. You can also purchase the matching Claro wallplates on GoodMarts site. Lighting dimmers save energy so be sure to consider them for every room.

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Maestro MA-R White Companion DimmerMaestro MA-R White Companion DimmerMA-R-WHLutron Electronics Co.$17.191
Maestro MA-AS White Multi-Location Companion SwitchMaestro MA-AS White Multi-Location Companion SwitchMA-AS-WHLutron Electronics Co.$22.191
Maestro Snow 600W Single Pole/ Multi-Location Incandescent DimmerMaestro Snow 600W Single Pole/ Multi-Location Incandescent DimmerMSC-600M-SWLutron Electronics Co.$29.691
MA-600 White 600W Single Pole/ Multi-Location Incandescent DimmerMA-600 White 600W Single Pole/ Multi-Location Incandescent DimmerMA-600-WHLutron Electronics Co.$25.941
Maestro MSC-AD Snow Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMaestro MSC-AD Snow Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMSC-AD-SWLutron Electronics Co.$20.941
Maestro MSC-AD Terracotta Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMaestro MSC-AD Terracotta Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMSC-AD-TCLutron Electronics Co.$20.941
Maestro MSC-AD Taupe Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMaestro MSC-AD Taupe Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMSC-AD-TPLutron Electronics Co.$20.941
Maestro MSC-AD Turquoise Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMaestro MSC-AD Turquoise Incandescent/Halogen Companion DimmerMSC-AD-TQLutron Electronics Co.$20.941
Maestro MA-R White Companion Dimmer 277VMaestro MA-R White Companion Dimmer 277VMA-R-277-WHLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Light Almond Companion Dimmer 277VMaestro MA-R Light Almond Companion Dimmer 277VMA-R-277-LALutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Ivory Companion Dimmer 277VMaestro MA-R Ivory Companion Dimmer 277VMA-R-277-IVLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Gray Companion Dimmer, 277VMaestro MA-R Gray Companion Dimmer, 277VMA-R-277-GRLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Brown Companion Dimmer, 277VMaestro MA-R Brown Companion Dimmer, 277VMA-R-277-BRLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Black Companion Dimmer 277VMaestro MA-R Black Companion Dimmer 277VMA-R-277-BLLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
Maestro MA-R Almond Companion Dimmer, 277VMaestro MA-R Almond Companion Dimmer, 277VMA-R 277-ALLutron Electronics Co.$27.501
 RadioRA 2 Taupe 600W Incandescent/Halogen/MLV/ELV DimmerRadioRA 2 Taupe 600W Incandescent/Halogen/MLV/ELV DimmerRRD-6NA-TPLutron Electronics Co.Call For Price1
Aspire White 1000W ELV/FLR Smart DimmerAspire White 1000W ELV/FLR Smart DimmerRF9537-NAWCooper Controls$209.001
Aspire White 1000W Magnetic Low Voltage Smart DimmerAspire White 1000W Magnetic Low Voltage Smart DimmerRF9536-NAWCooper Controls$159.001
RadioRA 2 Snow 600W Incandescent/Halogen/MLV/ELV DimmerRadioRA 2 Snow 600W Incandescent/Halogen/MLV/ELV DimmerRRD-6NA-SWLutron Electronics Co.$169.001
GRAFIK T White 250W LED/Incandescent/ Halogen Multi-Location CL DimmerGRAFIK T White 250W LED/Incandescent/ Halogen Multi-Location CL DimmerGT-250M-WHLutron Electronics Co.$79.001
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